Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Term 2 Eisteddfod - Poetry

Room 4 Poetry Eisteddfods will be heard on Monday 1 July.
As part of our reading programme we are reading poems orally, using the punctuation and highlighted words to make the poem come alive, as the poet meant it to be when read aloud. We are looking at performing the poem rather than just reading it.

Chosen poems should be of a reasonable length - 16 to 20 lines is a good length.
The performance is scored out of 25:

  • 5 marks for the introduction - state the title, the poet, some interesting facts about him/her if you have some and why you chose this poem.
  • 5 marks for the preparation - how well have you learned it? what ideas have you used to perform it?
  • 5 marks for diction - how clear are the words? - can we understand all of them? and can we hear them all?
  • 5 marks for audience suitability - Room 4 are the audience - is this a poem that suits this audience? I know that we all enjoy humorous poems, animals, adventures, narrative poems that tell a story and ones with interesting nonsense words.  Many people also seem to enjoy poems that have a clear rhythm and rhyme.
  • 5 marks for the presentation - this is the pure performance and entertainment factor.
A copy of your chosen poem needs to be in your homework book by Friday 21st June.  If you need help selecting a poem, please see me for help before this time.  You then have 2 weeks to learn and rehearse the performance.

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